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Tint and Specialty Film

G & M Glass Australia carry a wide range of film options to suit our client’s needs.

Such films include:

Security Film
Security Film is a fantastic way of adding further strength to your glass windows, doors and internal partitions. Security Film is totally clear so provides no obstruction in vision through the glass, and can provide additional strength to existing windows and doors preventing both accidental and intentional damage. We also can apply Security Film in conjunction with our clear G & M Glass Lexan Security Grills for a totally unobtrusive look for those who require further security. We can also apply Security Film with a tint colour to it as another option should clients prefer.

Tinted Film
We carry a wide range of tint films to suit a variety of purposes. Whether it be for a reduction in heat, sun glare, privacy or aesthetic purposes we can supply and install a tint film to suit.

Anti-Graffiti Film
Graffiti of shopfronts is a big issue for many of our clients. Should a pane of glass get ‘tagged’ or ‘keyed’ the whole panel will need to be replaced, at significant cost, particularly so for areas where they have repeated occurrences.

G & M Glass Australia can supply and install Anti-Graffiti film, which is a totally clear, thicker than average film which is much harder to ‘scratch’ than glass, protecting and preventing most of the typical kinds of damage to glass. Therefore, should the panel suffer damage, be it by graffiti or scratched you only need to replace the film, not the whole glass panel – which can be done quickly, efficiently and importantly cost effectively!

Sandblast and Vinyl Film
There are many different types of Sandblast and Vinyl films available. These types of film can provide privacy and block out protection both to the outside of a premises or internally to office fitouts etc. We can also cut these types of films into shapes or cut out pieces to suit a particular style.

Printable Vinyl Film
We can also provide a customised vinyl or sandblast film printed to suit most existing prints or personalised to your company. This can be in both block out or a transparent film.

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